Logtalk 10th anniversary

I have been so busy in the last weeks that I simply overlooked the Logtalk 10th anniversary a few days ago! The development of Logtalk 2.x started in January 1998, and the first stable version was released in February 9, 1999. Ten years later, developing Logtalk is still fun and rewarding, thanks to all the contributions from users and Prolog implementors. Keep your feature requests and bug reports coming! Work in the next stable version is progressing nicely and, with your help, I plan to keep developing and improving Logtalk for the next ten years. If I can make a wish: don’t be shy about what you’re doing with Logtalk. Stop by the Logtalk forums, talk a bit about your applications, and share your development experience.

One Response to “Logtalk 10th anniversary”

  • Parker

    Congratulations Paulo! In the few years I have known Logtalk I have seen it improve considerably in a steady fashion. Your support has always been very quick and, as I have said before, it is a pleasant working environment that inspires confidence when building larger applications.

    My opinion has always been that Logtalk should aim to fill the niche at the intersection of software engineering and logic programming. Prolog’s awful module system puts it out of running for this task while Logtalk is elegant.

    My hope for the future of Logtalk is for a vibrant community, a larger collection of contributed libraries, static analysis tools, a type system, and a vigorous test suite that validates the compiler to make it even more robust.

    I am then confident this would attract people wishing to build large and complex systems in the logic programming paradigm.

    Thanks for your good work and long live Logtalk!